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Welcome to The Seagull Gallery, the largest private gallery in Inverclyde, which showcases a broad spectrum of ever-changing original art and prints from both emerging and established Artists.  We invite you to visit our tranquil space and enjoy the creative contemplation of immersing yourself amidst the diversity of exhibits on display....

art is, after all, a personal experience!

As Gallery Owner since 2010 the influences and inspirations which are reflected in the gallery ethos stem from my childhood. Growing up in Gourock I became passionate about creativity and culture as I was blessed with the dual inspiration of a mother who is an established artist and a father who was a historian.  Our home was a great social hub for family and friends, spanning a colourful spectrum from bohemia to academia. From whatever walk of life or corner of the globe they hailed, each had their own story to share, giving me a valuable insight into the vital importance of expressing our individual identity which is, of course, the cornerstone of artistic endeavour. It is my hope that both visitors and artists at The Seagull Gallery enjoy a similar positive experience and when they leave carry with them a palette of exciting



A warm welcome awaits you.


Click the compass and come on a magical journey of artistic adventure that will inspire you 

Louise Brennan Stewart BA (Hons.)


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