Born in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia, in 1966. Graduated from an Architectural institute in 1989 with a degree in Architecture. Moved to Moscow, where worked as an architect, Moved to Glasgow, UK, in 1996. Self-taught, although studied arts as part of degree as an architect. Exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize Annual exhibitions. Represented by established galleries at the Art Fairs in London, Battersea, Chelsea, Oxford,Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Ireland etc; Have works in private and corporate collections throughout the UK, Australia, USA, Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Russia. There were a number of articles in local and national press concerning my work and images had appeared in the TV Channel 4 Grand Design. Works exhibited in established galleries throughout the UK.
Selected galleries and exhibitions:

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