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Julia Clare Sagias is a decorative artist and painter based in Glasgow. She studied at the University of Glasgow and has a Master of Arts in History of Art (Hons). Julia applies her knowledge and love of art history to her artistic expression. From wood panel paintings to the transformation or solid wood furniture through colouristic techniques and design, Julia strives to create subliminal experience which is uplifting and usable through the rediscovery and creation of artistic interiors. Julia uses wood as a 'canvas',  taking inspiration from the object's history, provenance, shape and essence. She is interested in the continuation of the object, the re-placement of the artisan's work. She reflects on ancient, sacred and decorative motifs , inspired by the artist designers of the Jugenstil, Secession and Glasgow Style, and their ethos of the Unity of the Arts.  She strives for an art form which is calming and joyful, designed to be used and lived with; using every day objects or furniture and making them a unique piece of art often evoking nature or another place in time. As an up-cycling artist, her work is ethological and sustainable; she carefully sources existing pieces of wood and works in the ethos of taking something and giving it a new life and vivacity. She also enjoys private commission work, transforming existing pieces and working closely with her patrons to help express their artistic or stylistic aspirations. Julia uses a variety of paints from chalk and emulsion to acrylic and enjoys layering and blending colour. Each piece is a careful design project through varied and eclectic sources of inspiration. She creates unique designs and patterns. Julia also uses 24kt gold and palladium leaf on much of her work and enjoys the beautiful, decorative and ancient process and effect of gilding, and applies precious metal like a paint.  Julia lives in the South-side of Glasgow with her husband and two young daughters. She is a fluent Greek speaker and loves travelling around Mediterranean towns and cities, exploring churches, palaces