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Architectural, Product Development and Visual Effects, Model Making, Design University of Hertfordshire Wayne studied business at the Greenfield Valley Young Enterprise Centre in Holywell, North Wales and won Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for his figurine manufacturing business, as well as a Shell Oil Live Wire award and a Prince’s Trust bursary. He graduated and worked in and around London for a number of years as a model maker / industrial designer and sculptor before moving to New York to teach art to children of drug dependant parents living in the projects, where he was awarded the Laurence. A. Wien Award in recognition of his work. Wayne is an established contemporary figurative and environmental sculptor with over 30 years of experience. His work ranges from portraiture, gallery work, community art projects and large scale architectural pieces. Wayne’s constantly changing style involves working with a variety of materials including metal, wood, clay and found objects. Wayne works between his studios in Glengarnock in North Ayrshire and in Sobreiro in Portgual.