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Elena was born in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia in 1966. She graduated from an Architectural Institute in 1989 with a degree in Architecture and then moved to Moscow where she worked as an architect. Elena moved to Glasgow in 1996. She is self-taught, although she studied arts as part of a degree in Architecture.

Elena has exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize Annual exhibitions. She is represented by established galleries at Art Fairs in London, Battersea, Chelsea, Oxford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Ireland. She also has works in private and corporate collections throughout the UK, Australia, USA, Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Russian. There have been a number of articles in local and national press concerning Elena’s work and her images have appeared in the TV Channel 4 Grand Design programme. She also has works exhibited in established galleries throughout the UK.

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