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Eric retired to Sandbank, Dunoon, Scotland to a property overlooking the beautiful Holy Loch over nine years ago from North Wales. He converted part of the annexe of the house into a work shop to enable him to carry out his passion for wood turning and wood carving.

He feels that there is nothing more satisfying than creating a work of art from a piece of wood and it can be very therapeutic and rewarding. He also looks forward to the challenge, when asked to create something to a customer’s specification.

Trees are one of nature’s most useful and recyclable creations, which can be transformed into beautiful and stunning pieces of art, so Eric prefers to create his pieces from wood sourced mainly in Scotland such as, Beech, Oak, Sycamore. His wooden artworks have many practical applications for use around the home or office. They range from items such as personal gifts which include Jewellery Boxes, Wood and Glass Bowls and also Cheese Boards, Candle Holders, Clocks, Fountain Pens and Desk Calendars. Larger items such as Wooden Mirrors, Foot stools and Table lamps allow Eric to show the diversity of skills he has as a craftsman specialising in wood.

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