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Helen has been making jewellery for many years and studied at Loughborough College of Art from 1975 to 1978 to gain her degree in Three-Dimensional Design and she has been making jewellery ever since.

She worked from home whilst her children were growing up and sold her jewellery mainly through Craft Fairs all over the Country and, more recently, from her shop in Brixworth, Northampton which she had for 14 years. However, as time went on Helen decided to slow down, so she closed her shop and moved to Scotland where her family comes from. She now works from home in her workshop in Scotland and still loves the process of creating unique pieces of jewellery. Her passion is all the beautiful gemstones that are incorporated in her work. All her pieces are made one at a time so although she has themes – Leaves, Curls, Waves – each piece is unique. Each piece varies a little or sometimes a lot. Designs sometimes evolve as she is creating her beautiful jewellery.

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