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Based in Scotland since 1998, Keith Salmon is a professional artist who has also been visually impaired for the last 30 years.Born in Essex in 1959, he studied Fine Art at Shrewsbury and Falmouth Schools of Art as well as Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic.He and his wife Nita moved to Ayrshire in 1998 and he now works from his studio at Courtyard Studios in Irvine. He exhibits his paintings widely and his work won the prestigious Jolomo Award 2009 for Scottish landscape painting.Since then, his work has taken him to Germany, Brazil and the USA as well as more locally, where he worked on a largescale drawing project in his home town of Irvine.Keith’s paintings are based on his experiences while out walking in the Scottish Highlands. His work tries to capture something of what it is like to be out in these beautiful, wild and sometimes remote places. He uses either acrylic and pastel or traditional oil colour to create these atmospheric semi-abstract landscapesSome of his latest artworks are now incorporating sound. When out walking, Keith now uses a sound recorder as his sketchbook and he listens to these recordings when back in the studio to help him recall the place as he paints. Keith has also been working in collaboration with two professional sound engineers, Graham Byron and Drew Kirkland and together they recently completed their first largescale audio-visual installation. Comprising five 120 x 120 cm paintings and a 30 minute long, five section soundtrack, the piece explores the wild and dramatic landscape near Kylesku in Sutherland.

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