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Kerri is a self-taught artist and she has been painting for about 35 years, her interest in art having been passed down through several generations of her family. She paints mainly in oils because she enjoys the versatility of this medium and creating realistic effects through blending and layering. More recently, Kerri has expanded into producing fused glass pieces which involves making a fused glass base in her kiln and then painting a local scene on with special acrylic paints. This is then cured to increase its permanence.

Kerri lives in Greenock on the West Coast of Scotland, which is where much of her inspiration comes from. She considers herself to be lucky to be surrounded by such fantastic views and scenery every day. She particularly enjoys painting sunsets because of their warm, serene colours.

Painting is a hobby for Kerri. She is a qualified community pharmacist in her day job but she loves painting because it makes her feel relaxed and time seems to disappear. It is a very mindful pastime. Kerri is also a member of a local art club and exhibits her paintings in a variety of local exhibitions. She hopes that people enjoy looking at her work as much as she enjoys painting it.

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