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Ludmilla started her journey as a ceramic artist in 1999, where she learned the technique of making ceramics at the Wasps Studios in Glasgow. Away from her full time day-job as a Technical Consultant for the construction industry she likes spending her weekends and evenings by creating ceramic sculptures.

She designs and creates one-off ceramic sculptures of people. All her pieces capture the observed pieces of human behaviour and characters. Her sculpture pieces are often humorous and slightly whimsical, and are unique in both form and personality. Her inspiration comes from observing people, she only makes sculptures of happy people and people enjoying themselves, e.g. musicians, dancers etc. She does not seek anatomical perfection, instead preferring a stylised technique. Each piece is unique, hand-built, glazed and fired in an electric kiln at 1250 degrees Celsius.

Ludmilla’s work is highly admired by customers across the UK and by international customers from the USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, China, Paraguay and other countries.

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