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Melanie graduated from GS in 1986 with a BA (Hons) in ceramics. She went on to travel and work in Europe before completing a post graduate teaching qualification. She currently teaches art to children with special needs and is constantly inspired by their expressive, naïve work.
She works from Glasgow Ceramic Studio where she makes her figurative ceramics. She draws inspiration from many sources including religious iconography, Mexican and European domestic “shrines” and the adornment of women living through various times and cultures. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe gaining inspiration from architecture, statuary and culture. Her work is concerned with images of babies, women, children, horses and angels and ranges from small wall pieces to large figurative sculpture.
She is amused and surprised that her pieces develop their own characters while she is making them and the decoration and colour emerges as they progress.
She teaches a variety of classes at the Glasgow Ceramic Studio and is grateful to have the opportunity to furnish people with the skills and experience to express their creativity through clay.
Melanie has work in a variety of galleries including the Seagull Gallery in Gourock. Her work has been selected for RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh 2016-2019, RGI Open Exhibition, Glasgow 2016-2019 and PAI Open Exhibition, Paisley 2019-2020.
She has completed a variety of commissions including “Gandolfi Angel” – a five-foot wall piece adorning the bar in the Café Gandolfi, Glasgow.

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