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Moira is a teacher and maker of ceramics. Her own work draws on her knowledge of hand building methods including slab work, coils, pinching and wheel thrown vessels. Fascinated by the history of ceramics she has travelled extensively to research traditional pottery techniques.

Current work takes inspiration from the natural forms that surround her Holy Loch studio – the lochs, glens, rock formations and trees. Scattered across the landscape of Cowal are examples of the intervention of man into the landscape, in the form of ancient standing stones and Neolithic carvings. These readily connect with her fascination with medieval carvings, often found in ancient buildings. Such images include the Green Man and his links with nature and the cycle of life.

Most of Moira’s work is made in high fired stoneware clay and sculptural in form. By contrast she also produces decorative items using the traditional technique of Raku firing.

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