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I was born in Glasgow and brought up in the small town of Rutherglen. While I was a child, my grandfather worked in the local Paper Mill and my dad worked in the carpenter’s shop in Yarrows shipbuilders. Between them they provided me with as much paper and pencils (the stubby, used ones no longer needed of course) as I could have wished for. So I spent my days drawing. Graduating in Illustration in 1999 in Glasgow College of Building and Printing. I went on to work for London publishers doing book Illustrations and Covers.

In between commissions I began to paint in Oils. I fell in love with the medium and in 2006 I turned to oil painting full time. Working in my Home Studio with my partner, Scott Prentice (also an Artist). We spend our days challenging each other in our art making process, pinching each other’s crayons and encouraging constant learning. And the Scottish landscapes, trees and wildlife inspire me as much today as they did as a child,hunched over those rolls of paper with my stubby pencils.

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