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Moira studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and has a BA(Hons) and a Masters Degree from her time spent there.

She works from her small attic studio in Glen Muick, a beautiful, wild, highland glen in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park where, using thread and paint as her medium, she creates embroidered artworks. Made to be quietly contemplative, they come from a desire to explore ideas around space, meaning and her mystical Celtic heritage, whilst drawing influence from things both real and imagined. Moira reduces form to its absolute essence, hinting at the dreamscape, the fairy tale, the other.

Moira was left deaf following a viral infection. Suddenly, her world became silent and insular; she tries to suggest the silence and to provide a liminal experience for the viewer in each and every piece she makes.

She hand draws and paints on artist’s canvas before layering with millions of tiny stitches, using just the needle and straight stitch guided by her hand on a domestic sewing machine, thus ensuring each piece is unique. Each finished piece hiding its secret painting, drenched in moonlight and devoid of detail. A calm sense of simplicity is at the very heart of Moira’s work.

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